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Analysis Code (Desert dunes transformed by end-of-century changes in wind climate)

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posted on 2022-09-15, 15:37 authored by Andreas BaasAndreas Baas, Lucie Delobel

Supplementary Material to: Desert dunes transformed by end-of-century changes in wind climate, by Andreas C.W. Baas & Lucie A. Delobel, Department of Geography, King’s College London, London, UK.

Matlab scripts for producing the sand drift regime data, including:
- dailyDPhistoricalr1.m & dailyDDirhistoricalr1.m : scripts that generate the daily Drift Potential vector components (DP=magnitude and DDir=direction) from CMIP6 source data. These scripts can be adapted for different source files. The outputs
- DPMap.mat : look-up table matrix used in the above scripts
- mapdailyDP.m, mapscaleshape.m & findWeibullN216.m : scripts that were used to produce DPMap.mat
- compileDriftMapsHistorical.m & compileDriftMapsHistorical.m : scripts for processing the dailyDP datasets into DP, RDP, and RDDir
- ensembleHistoricalv2.m and ensembleFuturev2.m : scripts for processing results from simulation replicates to ensemble means





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