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Guidelines for a linguistic annotation of preverbed verbs of motion

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posted on 2024-01-30, 09:11 authored by Andrea FarinaAndrea Farina

These guidelines contain the annotation scheme for an in-depth analysis of preverbed motion verbs. This has been designed as part of my PhD project, aiming to a quantitative cross-linguistic analysis on preverbed motion verbs in Ancient Greek and Latin.

The document is structured as follows. Section 2 briefly discusses some theoretical background necessary for the annotation: I describe motion events, motion verbs, preverbs, actionality, the WordNet architecture, and the World Historical Gazetteer. Section 3 includes a schematization of the annotation pipeline (Figure 5), describing the annotation an annotator is expected to perform. Each layer mentioned in Figure 5, as well as the tagsets created for this annotation scheme, are commented on in detail in Section 4. Section 5 includes relevant practical recommendations for the annotators, aiming to address the most common problems that they may face while performing the task. Advice is given by considering some instances of motion verbs and how they should be annotated. To provide comparable examples, some verb occurrences mentioned in Section 5 do not display a preverb when the focus of the sub-section is not preverbation. Finally, section 6 contains other possible applications of this annotation scheme, providing sentences annotated in other languages as useful examples, and Section 7 includes conclusions and future work. References for this work follow in Section 8.


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