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ABPM and PWV data from Randomised Controlled Trials examining the effect of dietary interventions on cardiovascular health.

posted on 18.10.2022, 14:34 authored by Louise KeehnLouise Keehn, Wendy HallWendy Hall, Sarah BerrySarah Berry, Philip Chowienczyk, Thomas A. B. Sanders, Christopher N. Floyd

Data was collected for three RCTs (CRESSIDA, MARINA and Fruit & Veg). All three studies investigated possible benefits of dietary modification on ambulatory blood pressure and arterial stiffness but with varying study designs and timeframes.   

All study and trial procedures were performed at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Each study was approved by a local research ethics committee. 

Professor Tom Sanders was the Chief Investigator for the RCTs. 


Secondary analysis of original data supported by the Medical Research Council and British Heart Foundation [MR/M016560/1].

MICA: Ancestry and biological Informative Markers for stratification of HYpertension: The AIM HY study

Medical Research Council

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Prospective randomised controlled trials.