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Data journals and data papers in the humanities

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posted on 2022-07-21, 15:08 authored by Barbara McGillivrayBarbara McGillivray, Marongiu, Paola, Nilo PedrazziniNilo Pedrazzini, Marton RibaryMarton Ribary, Eleonora Zordan

This collection contains five sets of datasets:

1) Publication counts from two multidisciplinary humanities data journals: the Journal of Open Humanities Data and Research Data in the Humanities and Social Sciences (RDJ_JOHD_Publications.csv);

2) A large dataset about the performance of research articles in HSS exported from dimensions.ai (allhumss_dims_res_papers_PUB_ID.csv);

3) A large dataset about the performance of datasets in HSS harvested from the Zenodo REST API (Zenodo.zip);

4) Impact and usage metrics from the papers published in the two journals above (final_outputs.zip);

5) Data from Twitter analytics on tweets from the @up_johd account, with paper DOI and engagement rate (twitter-data.zip).

Please note that, as requested by the Dimensions team, for 2 and 4, we only included the Publication IDs from Dimensions rather than the full data. Interested parties only need the Dimensions publications IDs to retrieve the data; even if they have no Dimensions subscription, they can easily get a no-cost agreement with Dimensions, for research purposes, in order to retrieve the data. 


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