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Mapping of Subnational Public Private Partnerships in Nigeria 1999-2022

posted on 2024-03-28, 15:48 authored by Portia RoelofsPortia Roelofs

Database of 210 sub-national (i.e. state-level) public private partnerships (PPPs) announced by Nigerian state governments between 1999-2022. To the authors knowledge the first mapping of its kind. Expands coverage of PPP uptake beyond federal level, which is the level reported on by national level statutory regulator, the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) website: Shows variety and scope of PPP uptake across Nigerian governments.
Records for each: state, date first announced / mentioned, partner type (i.e. donors, national or international firms) and status (unknown, ongoing, completed or abandoned).
Only 27% are marked as completed, so this represents aspirations for PPPs or PPP activity rather than a mapping of successfully completed projects.
The data was gathered from other patchy online sources, and gathered by undergraduate research assistants. Whilst the author did a round of data verification to fill in incomplete entries in March 2024, overall the data is indicative and details of any particular case should be verified independently using the sources linked to.

An additional word document is attached providing some further information and references for the different projects. These are listed grouped by state.


LSE Department of International Development RIIF Fund


Temporal coverage


Geospatial coverage


Data collection from date


Data collection to date

2022 - with data verification in 2024

Collection method

Collected from publicly available online sources: news websites, government websites, press releases, bodies of state level regulatory bodies etc. Using Google / Google News to search "[state name]+PPP" and "[state name]+public private partnership", to find initial examples and then using purposive web search to follow up on specific cases, with some follow up searches on Factiva.