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posted on 07.03.2022, 21:11 authored by Alvaro Varela MorillasAlvaro Varela Morillas, Nunzianda Frascione
The data shown here compiles the outputs obtained when scanning samples of corrosive and safe materials stored in bottles of Transparent PET (Trans PET), Coloured PET (Col PET) and HDPE plastic using the handheld NIR spectrometer known as SCiO by Consumer Physics (Tel Aviv, Israel). All aliquots were prepared in volumes of 100 mL and scanned through the plastic wall of the container. Each sample was scanned ten times and the output of the scan was noted down as:

True Positive = TP
False Positive = FP
True Negative = TN
False Negative = FN
Misclassification = M


Data collection from date


Data collection to date


Collection method

NIR Spectroscopy