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Protecting Children at a Distance Qualitative Data 2020

posted on 2022-04-06, 15:44 authored by Jenny Driscoll, Aisha Hutchinson, Ann Lorek, Elise Kinnear

The following dataset file contains qualitative interview data from the first-stage of the Protecting Children at a Distance study. The study utilised a two-stage modified Delphi methodology to elicit responses from safeguarding leaders from all professional disciplines involved in child safeguarding and protection.

The first stage, which took place between June and September 2020, comprised 67 semi-structured interviews with London-based safeguarding and child protection leaders within seven professional groups: Children’s Social Care, Health, Mental Health, Police, Education, Law and Safeguarding Partnerships. Interviewees’ priorities and responses informed the questions and response options for the second stage, a national survey distributed to similar professional groups in February–March 2021, which elicited 417 responses for analysis.

Ethical approval for the study was granted by the King’s College London Research Ethics Committee [LRS-19/20-19420]. Stage 1 was deemed a service evaluation by participating NHS organisations.

The study is funded by the King’s Together: Multi & Interdisciplinary Research Scheme and the Economic & Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Accounts Social Science Impact Fund.

All participants were provided with a participant information sheet and asked to consent to study participation. The information sheet noted that anonymised data will be held and publicly available in the King's College London Research Data Management System.

The following files have been anonymised to protect interviewer and participant confidentiality.


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