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TIDES Phase 2 Interview Study

posted on 2023-02-28, 13:10 authored by Rebecca RheadRebecca Rhead

This study adopted a convergent parallel mixed-method study involving an online quantitative survey and qualitative interviews with three samples. Through a series of modified Delphi workshops (between September 2020 and December 2021) a wide range of stakeholders (service users, health and social care workers, members of the public), experts and advisory groups were involved in co-producing content for a survey module to be embedded into an existing national longitudinal study of NHS staff (NHS CHECK study involving 18 NHS Trusts in England), as well as topic guides for the qualitative interviews.  

The repository includes data from three samples:

a)  the “NHS CHECK study sample” (n=35) which were racial and ethnic minority health and social care staff who completed the NHS CHECK inequalities survey (to explore how COVID-19 has affected mental and physical health and occupational outcomes).

b)  the “post COVID-19 TIDES study healthcare practitioner” sample (n=26), followed up interviews with TIDES Phase 1 interview participants following the onset of the pandemic. In-depth interviews were conducted to understand the impact of COVID-19 on experiences of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

c)  the TIDES study “senior leaders and managers” sample (n= 24) includes senior staff and management from NHS Trusts and organisations nationally. In-depth interviews were conducted to investigate the structural factors underpinning adversity for racial and ethnic minority health and social care staff during the pandemic.  

This repository contains data from 86 semi-structured interviews conducted between November 2020–April 2022, with clinical and non-clinical NHS staff. Data collection was supported by the TIDES study team inclusive of three NHS Peer Researchers (trained racial and ethnic minority NHS staff from 3 NHS trusts), representing groups that are traditionally neglected and underrepresented in research either as participants, researchers or direct beneficiaries. We also partnered with Challenge Consultancy to complete the interviews with the senior leaders and managers' study samples. The interview topic guide included questions on; 

•  job role/responsibilities and changes since the pandemic 

•  how working in the NHS throughout the pandemic affected mental and physical health and occupational outcomes

•  participants’ experiences of discrimination, bullying and harassment

•  support and resources that were available to staff during this time

•  positive experiences, if any, or changes at work or outside of work for themselves or others.

•  Perceptions and experiences of the COVID-19 vaccine and rollout programme (the post-COVID-19 TIDES study healthcare practitioner, senior leaders and managers samples only).

Interviews were conducted via MS Teams or by telephone and lasted up to 90 minutes. Recordings were transcribed verbatim and personally identifiable data was removed to maintain the confidentiality of participants. Those applying to use these data can request full demographic information from the TIDES study team.


Identifying and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on inequalities experienced by people from BAME backgrounds working in health and social care

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