Supplementary quotes supporting the manuscript.

Reason: Our data is deposited in the King’s College London research data repository, KORDS, ( ). The data include sensitive information and cannot be made openly available. Requests for access to relevant excerpts of the transcripts will be considered if made by academic teams willing to sign a standard access agreement and should be addressed to the King’s College London research data repository team at

What influences whether parents recognise COVID-19 symptoms, request a test and self-isolate: A qualitative study (dataset).

posted on 25.01.2022, 18:21 authored by Lisa WoodlandLisa Woodland
We are unable to share the transcripts due to ethical restrictions. The dataset that can be requested contains a list of participants' quotes and their ID, and demographics (parent gender and age range of children) in a excel spreadsheet. The quotes have been anonymised, therefore, they do not contain any information that can identify the participant, such as locations, parent and child names, parent and child ages, employment information, specific medical information have all been removed. Additional information has been removed for some participants where their quotes provide potentially identifiable information due to what has been disclosed in their interview. Between 40 and 75 quotes are listed for each participant, and 997 in total.


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Economic and Social Research Council

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National Institute for Health Research Health Protection Research Unit (NIHR HPRU) [grant number NIHR200890]


Data collection from date

30 November 2020

Data collection to date

11 December 2020

Collection method

One-to-one telephone interviews with 18 parents of school children