Andreas Baas


  • Using wind run to predict sand drift
  • Wind-Blown Sand Streamers and Turbulent Flow Structures
  • Response to review reports
  • discussion suspended
  • proceed with a revised manuscript
  • proceed with a revised manuscript
  • Inference of barchan interaction properties from a comparison of theoretical modelling and observation
  • Dynamics of Aeolian Sand Streamers and Airflow Turbulence over a Beach Surface
  • Understanding Emergent Phenomena in Barchan Swarms Using an Agent-Based Model
  • Video-Imagery Analysis of Aeolian Sand Transport over a Beach
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Desert Dunes
  • Morphological effects of beach buildings: from field experiments to CA modelling
  • Desert dunes transformed by end-of-century changes in wind climate
  • Analysis of Dune Ripple Patterns on the Surface of Earth and Mars to determine Local Sand Transport Conditions: A Machine Learning application.

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